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with novomind messaging solutions

We, at novomind messaging, are your specialists for messaging solutions. We provide messaging solutions that bring you even closer to your customers. Our solutions make the most popular messaging services such as WhatsApp suitable for business communication. Instant messaging allows you to communicate with your target audience in real time and face to face, adding a personal touch to your business.

As an official WhatsApp Business solution provider, we are proud that our WhatsApp Business solution connects you with your customers. novomind messaging's WhatsApp Business API gives you a significant advantage over your competitors: it offers a quick and easy way to communicate with your customers via a channel which they use several times a day. No matter whether you already have an existing communication system or not, at novomind messaging we'll find the perfect solution for you. 

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novomind messaging API

novomind messaging API can be easily integrated into your existing system infrastructure. No matter which CRM, shop system or customer service solution you use.

messaging Communication Platform

The novomind messaging Communication Platform allows all your incoming customer enquiries to be processed via a central platform, regardless of whether they arrive via Messenger or any other channel.

Personal customer service -

via the WhatsApp Business API

Over 1.6 billion people use the popular messaging service WhatsApp several times a day. Its widespread use also offers enormous potential as a communication channel for commerce and customer service. With WhatsApp, you can easily keep your customers up-to-date on their order status, service enquiries or other issues.

Your customers will receive any WhatsApp messages you send on their smartphone via the given number. WhatsApp allows your customers to communicate with you in the same way as they chat with friends and family - with quick and easy messages. In full compliance with GDPR.

novomind messaging and GDPR

With novomind messaging, your communication is safe. Our messaging solutions are 100% GDPR compliant. WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption ensures secure transmission of customer data. Get in touch with us – We'll be glad to advise you on data processing agreement and GDPR.

Customer service made easy

with WhatsApp Business API

In late 2018 OTTO, launched a WhatsApp channel to add to its existing communication channels. The WhatsApp channel now processes over 40,000 customer enquires per month – with a strong upward trend. The launch of the WhatsApp channel has brought the company even closer to its customers.

It allows customers to contact OTTO about any customer service issue such as service enquiries, product enquiries, delivery status or product advice. Customers can also set their account preferences to consent to receiving notifications via WhatsApp, such as on the delivery status of their order. Both forms of communication are in full compliance with GDPR.

As the official WhatsApp Business solution provider for OTTO, we are very proud of this success story. If you would like to build stronger customer loyalty and grow your success, then please contact us.