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19 Dec 2017

Face-to-face advice over the web: Lower Saxony’s Consumer Advice Centre opts for video chat solution from novomind

WebRTC technology for convenient online communication in real time

Verbraucherzentrale Niedersachsen, the Consumer Advice Centre for the state of Lower Saxony, was the first organisation of its kind in Germany to offer an innovative service at the end of November. Its new video chat so-lution enables consumers seeking advice to have face-to-face conversations with the centre’s advisors from the comfort of their own homes without the need for travelling. This service is made possible by a modern customer service software from Hamburg-based novomind AG.

The Lower Saxony Consumer Advice Centre has taken the lead in Germany by offering vid-eo-based consultations. This means that consumers seeking advice can talk to an advisor almost like in a conventional face-to-face meeting. Documents can be transmitted during the video chat sessions. “We are excited about this expansion of our advisory capacity which simplifies access to our services by people seeking advice,” says Petra Kristandt, the manag-ing director of Lower Saxony’s Consumer Advice Centre.

To be able to offer this fully digital and seamless option for consumer advice via personal computers, laptop computers or smartphones, the centre has opted for the video chat solution from novomind. The Hamburg-based software experts have developed this secure and cus-tomer-friendly video chat solution as part of the novomind iAGENT Chat module which is based on WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication). This technology enables immediate one-click access – without the need to first download software –  to an online real-time dialogue from all browsers supporting WebRTC. “We believe in minimising the need for plug-ins. Neither the centre’s advisors nor the consumers need to download anything – they can simply launch their video chat right away,” says Sylvia Feja, Head of Customer Service Software at novomind.

All modules in novomind’s portfolio of products and services have been developed for smooth integration with existing IT environments and systems. This is why the centre’s consumer advisors find the video chat solution from novomind iAGENT Chat pleasantly intuitive to use. This characteristic also enabled the Centre’s IT department to take over maintenance right away, with the novomind developers remaining available to provide targeted support on a case to case basis.

The Lower Saxony Consumer Advice Centre’s new video chat service is part of the “Strenghtening Consumer Protection in Rural Areas” project funded by the State Ministry of Farming and Consumer Protection.