Revolutionise your customer communication:

with novomind messaging API

Customers want to communicate with companies in the same way they chat with friends and family - with quick, easy and convenient messages.

Our messaging API brings businesses and customers together, enabling a fast, easy and reliable connection on a global platform they know and trust.

The bridge between commerce and customer service

novomind messaging offers a business interface for successful global messaging services such as WhatsApp, Google Business Messages and Facebook Messenger. Other messaging services such as Telegram Messenger are due to follow. novomind messaging API is a flexible solution that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system environment. You can use Messenger to support, inform and notify your customers.


  • Flexible, scalable interface
  • Can be integrated into almost any Customer Service Software
  • Designed in Germany
  • Hosted in German Data Centres

Out NOW:
Google┬┤s Business Messages

WhatsApp Business API

Facebook Messenger

Why choose the novomind messaging API?

Official WhatsApp Business solution partner with years of experience in a range of sectors

Connects various e-commerce systems to the messaging API for customers

Connects various customer service solutions to the messaging API for customers

Open interface with detailed documentation

Optional support for implementing the messaging API on your own systems