With Facebook Messenger:

companies become friends

Over 50% of Germans use Facebook Messenger regularly. For this reason, WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messengers in Germany. 90% of people in the USA use it on a regular basis.

Good customer service depends on the customer's preferences. Therefore, companies should make sure that they use Facebook Messenger as a communication channel. With Facebook Messenger, companies can achieve personal customer contact – by simply using the Chat, booking, or even customer support functions. Suddenly, companies are as close as your best friend. However, in order to do this, all incoming messages must be handled professionally in your Contact Centre.

This is where the novomind Chat Software Solution comes in.

novomind integrates Facebook Messenger in its communications matrix. With our ready-to-use solution, we will provide you with the necessary Chat infrastructure.

With Business Messaging, you have two options: You can answer enquiries via your Contact Centre or allow the Chatbot in Facebook Messenger to answer all enquiries automatically. The Chatbot can even schedule meetings automatically. So that your customers can reach you outside of business hours.

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