Revolutionise your customer communication with novomind messaging API

Customers want to communicate with companies in the same way they chat with friends and family - with quick, easy and convenient messages.

Our messaging API brings businesses and customers together, enabling a fast, easy and reliable connection on a global platform they know and trust.

The bridge between commerce and customer service

novomind messaging GmbH offers the official business interface of the globally popular WhatsApp messaging service for businesses of all sectors. Further messenger services will follow. Our novomind messaging API provides a flexible solution that fits easily into your existing system infrastructure. It allows you to support, alert and notify your customers via WhatsApp.

Get your WhatsApp Business API today:

Why customer communication via Messenger?


According to a study by Bitkom, nine out of ten Internet users in Germany use Messenger.


Customers can answer when it is most convenient for them. Asynchronous communication allows multiple chats at the same time.


Quickly resolve customer inquiries with images, videos, audio or files.

What messages can be sent?

Customer service and support

Automated notifications

WhatsApp Business API


novomind messaging API

Intelligent interface for the customer.


Excellent service
Information about various events can be sent via short message directly to smartphones


Always available for your customers


Personal contact
Closer to the customer than via email


No queuing system as with phones, shorter waiting times, almost synchronous communication, faster problem solving and shorter AHT


Cost efficient
Significantly cheaper than telephone hotlines


Multimedia support
Pictures, videos, maps and audio messages can be integrated

Which sectors can benefit from the messenger solution?

  • Services: appointments, appointment reminders, customer service
  • Transport & logistics: alerts about faults or delays, mobile tickets
  • Fashion: style advice
  • Vehicle service: notification of order completion
  • Trade: product availability, delivery status
  • IT: support enquiries

Why choose the novomind messaging API?

Official WhatsApp Business solution partner with years of experience in a range of sectors

Connects various e-commerce systems to the messaging API for customers

Connects various customer service solutions to the messaging API for customers

Open interface with detailed documentation

Optional support for implementing the messaging API on your own systems

What do I need to do to use the WhatsApp Business API?

Every customer who wants to use the WhatsApp Business API must be approved by WhatsApp or Facebook. We will start this approval process for our customers on Facebook and take care of everything from that point.